I successfully develop and launch products for dynamic growth businesses that radically enhance profitability and customer satisfaction.

In almost all businesses new product development success rates are pitiful. One in ten is a generally acceptable success rate, although some businesses even fail to achieve this. Failure to connect with the customer, dogmatic adherence to pet assumptions and inappropriate processes are frequently the causes of this poor performance.

This represents a staggering waste of resources and the passion and creativity of huge numbers of people. For a company, whether established or a start-up, this failure is disastrous and probably fatal. This wasted effort is simply unacceptable, unnecessary and unsustainable.

I mentor business owners and senior executives specifically to create an environment in which successful web application, apps and cloud based service product developments will happen. My approach is founded on strategic clarity and rigorous challenge that makes sure projects are based in reality. An unwavering focus on the customer and a just-in-time approach to process ensure that projects deliver a sustainable business model that generates revenue from day one. Speed of implementation and agility of reaction maximise the chances of success.

I am an experienced Product Creation and Marketing leader for companies like BT where I’ve been part of many ground breaking developments, for example, the world’s first managed ship-to-shore satellite messaging service

I’m known for asking hard questions, bringing different perspectives and a relentless insistence on clarity. I love it when there are lots of questions and few answers, no map or instruction book, just our wits, imagination and effort.