Is Social Media really your thing?

Getting social is all about bringing your personality into your brand. It’s about showing the real you, being authentic, make real connections with people, right? So, faced with a plethora of services and different strategies and techniques to be ‘social’, and advice from more ‘gurus’ than you can wave an unfeasibly large-sized stick at, why doesn’t anyone start with you?

I mean, if you are bringing your personality to the brand, doesn’t it make sense to start with that personality? To explore and build awareness of what it is exactly that you are putting into the mix?

If you are clear about your personality and what you feel comfortable and even enjoy doing, then you can build a strategy and choose the platforms that work with your natural style. That’s got to be more effective, hasn’t it? As well as being a lot easier for you to apply and a lot more fun to do.

Get yourself profiled. Find a coach to work with you on your self-awareness. Before you try and understand social media, understand yourself.


One response to “Is Social Media really your thing?

  1. Adding to this, select that coach that understands that social media needs to communicate, i.e., messages sent, received, and understood. The recipient should be persuaded by it. And third, there should be a definite measurable outcome, a sale, an enquiry , a change of mind…

    A coach that gets this will be your perfect coach.

    Good article Colin.

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