Computer says ‘No’

We’ve all experienced this. We have a problem, we are talking to a sentient being but apparently an inanimate piece of machinery is deciding we can’t have what we want. “Sorry, can’t help you” they say. “The computer says ‘no’”.

It’s rubbish, of course. They may well be able to help you. They probably would like to help you. it would give them job satisfaction, improve their self esteem and well-being and make them feel better. It would make you feel better too. But they’re not allowed to. They’ve been changed into an organic sound-card for a computer, their brains subservient to some thoughtless process and unbending programme.

Did someone really think it was a good idea to ‘design out’ the talent, skills, emotions and goodwill of that person? Someone really felt that would make a better service?

In case it’s escaped their attention, services are delivered to people. And they are much better delivered BY people. Make your people the centre of your service, not the computers. Your people have got much more to offer.

It’s funny on Little Britain. But that’s a comedy programme, not a instructional video.


One response to “Computer says ‘No’

  1. Beautiful. You capture my frustrations exactly. I really have pity for those computer jockeys in banks, brokers, agents who worship a piece of plastic with wires. They were born in an era after the development of mainframes and desktops. They don’t know how a computer works. They don’t seem to understand that the computer is just one impersonal output for whatever the input is. If the pixels on the screen said that 1 + 1 = 5 then that’s what they’d put on the booking form. How sad that we live in a world dominated by slaves and servants to a plastic box with pretty colours on the front.

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